School Uniform

PSW is the uniform supplier for our school.  Orders can be placed online & are processed & sent home on Tuesdays.


We have CDF Pay, which allows us to have an online shop, where orders can be placed and payments can be made by credit/debit card.    


Please copy and paste the following link to access this shop:


Instructions as to how to set up your account and how to get started can be found below.



School dress, navy jumper or bomber jacket, white socks & black school shoes. Girls may wear navy blue short-shorts under their dresses.

Navy pinafore or pants, orange school polo shirt, navy jumper or bomber jacket, navy socks/ tights & black school shoes.



Navy lcargo shorts, orange school polo shirt, navy jumper or bomber jacket, navy socks, black school shoes.
Long navy cargo pants, orange long or short sleeved polo shirt, navy windcheater or sleeveless polo fleece, navy socks & black school shoes.


Sports Uniform

Sports polo shirt for child's sports team - Red, Gold, Green or Blue
Navy shorts / skorts
School track suit pants
Runners and white socks
(Students participating in Interschool will wear the school polo shirt for sport.)


Additional Requirements

Students will require School back packs with logo and the school book bags.
Waterproof jackets and beanies are available for winter.

Polar fleece jackets are also available.
Uniform items need to be the prescribed uniform with the school logo.


Uniform Pictures & Ordering Codes




OLSC Uniform Collection


Uniform Price List


Uniform Size Guide


CDF Pay Parent Guide


OLSC Getting Started - CDF Pay